When I first started in pharmaceutical healthcare sales nearly 20 years ago, I had no idea what I was doing. Recently earning my Master’s degree and Six Sigma Certification I had previously led a business development team in the corporate automotive industry. I stumbled upon an astonishing career change that better suited my passion for service. In my first year in this service, my baby sister died of undiagnosed ovarian cancer because a group of doctors mistreated her care. Since she didn’t have full coverage health insurance, we left satisfied that they were right with their gross misunderstanding of endometriosis, but nothing more serious than what they explained. Exactly 8 months later, at the age of 27, she was dead. No apology or explanation would describe the hurt I felt when an Oncologist mentioned that her OBGYN didn’t screen her properly.  Like millions of Black and brown families across the US, we are ignored. We don’t know to ask for a second opinion or push for the right questions. Joining the pharmaceutical companies gave me the opportunity to learn about drug development, science, clinical trials, and payer systems (health insurance). Never again would I allow them to take advantage of the vulnerable as long as I had the voice and knowledge 

The place for me was Executive Commercial Healthcare Sales Leadership. Nearly 20 years later with progressive corporate opportunities, I have found myself conversing with Doctors and those intricately involved in Healthcare and reform about changes needed to improve our Healthcare System. Until this day, minorities and underrepresented demographics still suffer needlessly from preventable diseases. One immediate fix to this problem is consumer advocacy and awareness. 


Without Representation, this struggle will continue to be real. I will always strive to Represent real people with real challenges that our Political leaders refuse to address. I am not a career Politician! In fact, this is my first time at bat and I have tried to solve the Healthcare problems and others targeted in underserved demographics, but have been blocked. Now, I am asking for your support to serve as your Representative. I want to fight for people like my Sister, Tricia. I miss her everyday, I think about how I can help save the lives of many more Sisters, Mothers, Families and Friends. I am a wife, a mother to two wonderful boys, a community advocate and seek good trouble. I live in Franklin, TN (District 63) and ask for your support to become your next TN House of Representatives Member. 

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